sources high quality fresh cut flowers from around the globe. We also procure plants from local nurseries. Periodically we review our procurement sources and may add new geographic locations to our procurement platform. However in doing so we maintain policies and procedures that ensure strict and sustained adherence to our Sustainability Code, enforced through periodic audits performed by our team and/or our associates.

This Sustainability Conduct centers on both social and environmental responsibilities, as demonstrated by the following key elements:
1. Our Labor policies underscore our intent to sell products that are produced under safe working conditions and in compliance with applicable laws.

• Forced Labor: does not condone the use of forced labor, whether in the form of indentured labor, prison labor or otherwise.

• Child Labor: Florista. Delivery does not condone the use of underage workers as defined by the applicable laws in the states and countries in which our vendors operate.

• Harassment or Abuse: stipulates herein that growers/vendors with which it works should treat their workers with respect and dignity and those workers should not be subject to physical, sexual, or verbal abuse in the workplace.

• Nondiscrimination: does not condone grower/vendor’s discrimination in employment, as defined by the applicable laws in the states and countries in which our vendors operate.

• Health and Safety: seeks growers/suppliers/vendors that provide a safe and healthy working environment for their employees as a means of preventing accidents and injury to health.

• Wages and Benefits: seeks vendors that pay employees wages required by local law and provide legally mandated benefits as defined by the laws in the states and countries in which they operate. We require our growing partners to adhere to usual and customary work hours, generally not exceeding 9 hours per day (including breaks) and time off during weekends. Wages and salaries should be at or above local market rates including the administration of overtime

2. Delivering smiles for a sustainable future is part of our continual Green commitment. As responsible global citizens, Florista is committed to help provide a sustainable environment for generations to come. From our offices, to our distribution facilities, to our distribution fleet, to our vendor/grower/supplier choices and throughout our supply chain, we are endeavoring to minimize our environmental footprint in a “green” and renewable fashion.
Among the ecologically sound practices we employ are efforts to reduce waste; utilizing energy efficiently;
conserving natural resources such as water; and recycling whenever and wherever possible.Our Floral Packaging has also been customized to comply with our Sustainability Code as below:
Shipping Boxes: Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials, speaking to your sense of care and commitment to the environment. The boxes are printed with water based ink, which is naturally non­toxic and low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Our industry­leading design sets a new standard by ensuring that your flowers remain well protected in transit while having a minimal impact on the Earth.
Paper Plant Sleeves: Our Paper Plant Sleeves are made from paper manufactured responsibly with sustainable processes and a large percentage of recycled fiber content. Made from highly refined pulp in a variety of basis weights and percentages of recycled fiber content. Our bag and wrapping paper grades are valued for their cleanliness, strength, sustainability and end­use possibilities. Gift Cards and Inserts: All of our inserts and gift cards are printed on recycled or recyclable materials using soy based inks. Vegetable based ink comes from a renewable resource. Usage of vegetable based ink reduces the amount of air pollution released during printing as soy is naturally low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It also degrades four times more completely than
standard petroleum inks, making the recycling process more efficient.

100% Recycled Glass/Wood Vase:Like our flowers, our best­selling glass vase arrives with a green pedigree – it is made from 100% recycled glass. We find this simple, classic vase foolproof since it makes any bouquet look artfully arranged. Our Wood Vases/Bases are also made from fully recycleable wood.
Our focus in growing is on what we refer to as “good floricultural practices” or practices that minimize the risk of causing pollution, while protecting natural resources, the workers, and allowing economically viable sustainable floriculture to flourish. The farm staff and contractors on the farms that are part of our global sourcing network are trained and instructed in applying internationally recognized standards to achieve this objective. Florista performs its own periodic environmental audits and also relies on recognized partners the to ensure compliance.