The Highest Level of Security ­ You can provide your payment and personal information with complete confidence. Your credit card details are transmitted via our encrypted 256 bit line direct to our credit card processors. The highly rated GeoTrust provides encryption security for Our staff members never have access to your personal data. You can rest assured that your shopping experience will be completely secure.

What is Encryption Technology? ­ Encryption transforms your personal details into a coded form, making it virtually unreadable with the key to decode the information. Message scrambling is done using a mathematical formula that depicts your details as a series of nonsensical characters.

Can I Trust Encryption? ­ In addition to e­commerce applications, such as transmission of credit card numbers, account numbers, and other sensitive information, encryption is also used by the military to guard secrets. Rest assured that this technology offers the most superior protection for your personal information.

Just How Secure is Encryption? ­ If you still have concerns, please know that our encryption offers you the strongest protection available. Here’s how the technology works: The level of encryption security is measured in terms of key length. The longer the key, the longer it would take someone without the correct “decoder” to unscramble the code. This key length is measured in bits (e.g. 40­ bit encryption, the level used with many ordinary browsers, as opposed to 256­bit encryption, the level required for eBusiness IDs). For a 40­bit key there are 240 possible key combinations.
Similarly, for a 256­bit key (the level used by our service, GeoTrust Secure), there are 2,128 possible key combinations. According to Netscape, 256­bit encryption is 309,485,009,821,345,068,724,781,056 times more powerful than 40­bit encryption!